UPDATE: Spotify Analytics are now included in with your main statistics! You can still claim your podcast on Spotify to get access to their extra demographic information by clicking here. This will not affect your stats in Podcast.co.

You can access your Podcast Analytics by logging into your account, and clicking the Analytics tab.

Downloads Graph

The main graph on this tab shows your total downloads and your unique listens. By default, it shows you everything within the last 7 days. 

You can adjust this by clicking the dates at the top left, then selecting a different time scale either by choosing one of the presets, or by selecting a custom range on the calendar. 

Total Downloads: This counts downloads, not listens, so it's how many times your RSS Feed has been hit. If you download the same episode 3 times, it will show 3 downloads.

Unique Listens: This is what you share with advertisement companies. It counts each listener, instead of each download. So if you download the same episode 3 times, on this line, you'll only show up once. 


This bar chart shows you the most popular episodes from the time period you've selected. If you hover over each episode, you'll be able to see how many downloads that episode has had during this period too.

Top Locations

This chart shows you a break down of where your listeners are based in terms of country during the period you have selected. It is colour coded with a key for reference underneath. If you hover over a section, it will tell you how many downloads have come from that country.

Top Clients

This chart shows you the top five platforms people are using to listen to your podcast. This will show things like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, mobile browsers; Essentially wherever your listeners choose to listen to your podcast!

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