This is where we'll keep you updated with all the latest changes, improvements and feature releases we make to the platform! 


Private Feed Option: We're working on an option to block that so you can keep your podcast hidden from automatic feed readers.

June 2020

Estimated Subscriber Count: You can now see an estimate of your podcast Subscribers on your home page!

May 2020

Whitelabel Option: You asked, we delivered! An option to remove the branding for the players and pages is here:

oEmbed Support: All our players now support oEworkmbed, however we are still waiting on some third party approvals.

April 2020

Plan Updates: Our shiny new plans came to life this month with new limits but at the same cost! Check them out:

March 2020

File Ingress via Zapier: You can now use Zapier to automatically send audio files to! A Help Guide is on the way for this new action!

Bug Fixes: Got rid of some pesky bugs at the beginning of this month. Bugs, be gone!

February 2020

MatchMaker: Our guest matchmaking platform is finally here! Find out more here:

Convert to MP3: Files uploaded to will automatically convert to MP3 to help with Submissions to Spotify who don't accept MP4 or M4a files.

Replace Audio File: You can now update your audio files for your episodes without removing the episode completely! 

Deezer Submissions are Back!: Deezer have adjusted their Submissions process so now we can handle submissions to Deezer again! This icon will appear in Dashboards very soon.

January 2020

Analytics Update: We've added more user agents, which means that you'll see less "Other" or "Unknown" stats and more detail!

Share to LinkedIn Added: You can now share your podcast to LinkedIn via the Podcast Page and the Podcast Players.

Zapier Integration: You can now use Zapier to do cool things like, send a tweet when a new episode is published!

URL Prefixing: Due to popular demand, we now can handle prefixes. This will allow you to use tracking services like Chartable or Podtrac for your podcast!

Additional Transcription Languages: More languages have been added to our Transcription feature!

December 2019

Password Reset Improvements: Based on your feedback, we have improved the flow of resetting passwords to be easier to understand. 

Testing for Zapier Nearly Done!: We've almost finished putting things together for the Zapier Integration! This will land in early 2020 so watch out for that!

November 2019

Audiograms & Transcriptions Add On for AppSumo Users: AppSumo users are now able to purchase an additional add-on to add these features to their accounts.

Backdate Episodes: We have now added the ability to backdate episodes! No more episodes dated incorrectly.

Episode Downloads Accuracy: Improved accuracy of the download count on the Episodes section of your account.

Player & Pages Statistics: You can now see if people are listening using your podcast page or players in statistics instead of "Safari" or "Chrome". 

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