Note: This is for Private Podcasts only!

Let's start getting in some subscribers for your podcast!

Adding Subscribers by Email

Go to your Subscribers section, then click Add Subscribers on the left.
This area is split into 3 different sections. This top area just shows you how many people are subscribed to your podcast in total.
The other two areas are as follows:

Email Address

In this box, you can enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite to subscribe to your Private Podcast. Each one will be sent an email inviting them to access the podcast and then they will receive their own private link.

If you are a company, the next method might be the easiest:

Whitelist Email Domain

If you have a company, you might want to whitelist your entire staff. The easier way to do this is to pop your email domain in this box and it will automatically allow access to anyone with that email domain. Much easier!

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