Note: This is for Private Podcasts only!

The Manage Subscribers section allows you to see a full list of Subscribers, find a persons unique link to the podcast, and revoke access.

You get a full list of Subscribers to your podcast, including their email address and the date they were added to the list.

You can add new Subscribers on the Add Subscribers section.

There are a few things you can do in this section of your account:

  • Search by Email: You can search your Subscriber list for specific email addresses.

  • Copy Feed URL: This is this users unique feed url that is only for them. If they lose it, you can copy it here to give it to them.

  • Remove: This removes this user from your subscribers list. It will immediately revoke access to the podcast.
    Note: Any user that has added the podcast to their Apple Podcasts library and downloaded an episode onto there will still have access to the downloaded episodes, as there is no way to revoke access to these downloads.

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