This feature is available on the following plans who have Private Podcasts enabled:

  • Business

Your Private Podcasts landing page is where your potential subscribers can request access. If their email is on the invite or whitelist, then they will be granted access. Here's how it all works!

Page Set Up

  • Click your Subscribers section on your Dashboard, then select Landing Page on the left.

This section is split into 3 different parts to help you set up your page:

  • Landing Page: This is the link to your Page. You can share this with subscribers after you have added their email to the Add Subscribers section of your Dashboard.

  • Settings: Here you can add in an email address that your subscribers can contact you at if they're having trouble accessing the podcast, or to request access if they do not have it yet.

  • Theme: These are a few customisation options, such as a Light or Dark theme for the page, and whether or not to use the Podcast Artwork in the background of the page.

Page Functionality

When a user first accesses the page, they will be prompted to enter their email address. If you have invited them or if they are on the Whitelist, they will be prompted to check their emails for the email with their unique link on it.

If they are not on your lists, they will be told to contact you. Whatever email you have put into the Settings section will appear here.

Once they accept their invite, they will get to this page. Then they can add the podcast to a player of their choice.

Depending on what device they access this from, the list shown will have all the suitable options for that device as listed below:

  • Mac OS: Apple Podcasts

  • iOS: Apple Podcasts, PocketCasts, Overcast, Breaker, Acast

  • Windows: iTunes and PocketCasts

  • Android: PocketCasts, Breaker, Acast

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