Note: This is for Private Podcasts only!

We'll be using Drip in this example but you can use any other email marketing service that's connected to Zapier in the same way.

Firstly, set the Trigger to "New Subscriber" and the Action to "Add Subscriber to Private Podcast".

Connect up your Account and the section you wish to connect up to the trigger. Then run a test. This will show you an example of data it's managed to pull through.
If this appears incorrectly then go back and double check the earlier information!

Connect your account up. Then in Customize Subscriber, set Select a Podcast as the Private Podcast you want to pull emails into, and Email as the Email field the earlier connection pulled in.

Set a test running, and then check in your account to see if the Subscriber came across okay. If all looks good, you can go ahead and turn on your Zap!

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