From August 11th 2022, new private shows will have the RSS feed disabled by default. It can be re-enabled in settings.

Why have we made this change?

The RSS feed can limit the security expected from a private show. If you revoke a subscriber's access to your show, they will retain previous episodes in their podcast app which may not be desired.

Our new implementation of Private Shows allows more control over what subscribers can access and when.

How will subscribers access my private show now?

We have replaced feeds with a private podcast portal. Authorised subscribers can log in to the portal via magic link and listen to your show's content via their browser. Much like our Podcast pages for public shows.

The pages work with SSO (SAML) to allow convenient access for your directory of subscribers and supports easy revocation via SCIM.

Removing a subscriber from your show will log them out of their session and prevent them accessing any previous episodes.

RSS Feed Use Cases

Of course there may be some use cases where you need RSS feed access on your private shows. Such as cohort training so the revoked subscribers have access to previous modules.

To enable RSS feeds head to your Private show settings section and toggle the switch on.

Note: Enabling RSS with disable the web based portal players and vice versa.

Existing Private Podcast users

No changes will be made to your shows. However you can choose to disable RSS feeds and switch to the web portal by toggling the switch to Off in settings. Be sure to communicate the change with your existing subscribers as their RSS feed will stop updating.

If you have any questions about Private Show changes. Please contact us using the messenger or email [email protected].

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