Disclaimer: If you want to play Copyrighted music from big names like Beyonce or the latest hit from Little Mix, you're looking at paying a considerable amount for the license to those songs! So our advice is to stay clear of that music!

If you want to play Copyrighted music, you'll need a license for the song(s) you plan on using. Otherwise, you could get into some pretty nasty fines!

Paid Music

There are plenty of music libraries online that are filled with some pretty awesome tracks that you can license and use for your podcast. Or, you can get libraries where you pay a monthly subscription and you get unlimited access to the entire database of music! Here are just a few places to check out:

Free Music

If you can't justify paying for your podcast music just yet (which we get!), there's plenty of free music available online too! Most of this is posted under Creative Commons Licensing, which will clearly state what you can and can't do with each track, e.g. NonCommercial, Attribution, ShareAlike, etc.
Here are a few places you can check out for free music:

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