To make sure your Podcast doesn't get rejected from Apple Podcasts / iTunes, make sure you follow the following steps when setting up your podcast in your Podcast Settings tab:

Basic Settings

  • Podcast Title: Not spammy. Short and simple is better here. Too long and you may get removed eventually for having a spammy title.

  • Podcast Category: Make sure your category is the most relevant choice for your podcast as this is where your podcast will be listed on Apple Podcasts.

  • Podcast Description: Make sure this is at least one paragraph. Otherwise, if you just have one sentence you risk being labelled as 'test content'.

Advanced Settings

  • Author: Pop the hosts name here, or the name of the podcast. No Author? You risk getting rejected constantly until this is filled in.

  • Language: Just select the language used in your podcast from the drop down list. If you have more than one, just select the most prominent language.

  • Content Rating: If you use explicit language or focus on explicit topics in your podcast, just select Explicit from the drop down menu here.

BONUS: Episodes Tab

Make sure this list is covered too and you'll have little to no chance of getting rejected or removed! This can all be found in your Episodes tab.

  • Episode Titles: Make sure these are short and simple. Do NOT put "Episode 1", "Episode 2" as your titles, or just the same title for every episode. This will quickly be seen as spam.

  • Episode Descriptions: Make these at least a paragraph long. One line of a description will likely end up getting picked up as 'test content' and your podcast may get removed.

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