Uploading Episodes

Upload your new episodes using drag and drop or your devices file manager and set your episode information.

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Within Podcast.co Studio, head to the show you want to add a new episode for.

Click the orange "Upload Episode" button, or drag and drop the audio file into the Episodes area.

Tip: Podcast.co supports both MP3 and M4A audio files. If you have mastered your episode in a different format, we recommend exporting into MP3 for best compatibility.

Once your file has uploaded, the New Episode screen will be displayed.

Tip: We recommend completing as much information here as possible. Remember this information will be publicly listed on directories so make it pop!

*Required Field

  • Episode Name*: The title of your episode.

  • Description*: This can be up to 4000 characters and describes the content of the episode for your audience. A truncated version may be shown in summary areas on supported directories.

  • Episode Artwork: This is optional and only supported by some directories. If you do not set this your podcast artwork will be used. This must be 1400 x 1400 and JPEG or PNG.

  • Author: Usually the host or brand is set as the author. If this field is left blank, your podcast author will be used.

  • Episode Type: Many directories including Apple Podcasts support episode types. Choose from the following options:

    • Full - This is a standard episode

    • Trailer - Displays the episode in the 'Trailer' section of a supported directory. If you have a teaser or trailer for your podcast or upcoming season, choose this option.

    • Bonus - Displays the episode in the 'Bonus' section of a supported directory. If your Podcast has additional bonus content separate from usual episodes choose this option.

  • Episode & Season Number: Break your podcast up into seasons and define a running order using episode numbers. Apple Podcasts among other directories support Seasons and Episodes.

  • Website Link: By default the website link for your episodes will direct followers to your pod.co page. If you have a dedicated website/blog you can add a custom link here to override this.

  • Content Rating*: If your episode contains explicit content remember to set this option.

  • Intro/Outro: If you have set up Intro/Outro media, choose wether to apply it to this episode.

Once you have completed the episode information choose when you'd like it to go live.

  • Public: This will make the episode available within your feed, players and pod.co page immediately. Directories will pick up on the new episode during their usual refresh intervals (between 1 and 24 hours).

  • Scheduled: Allows you to set the episode to go live to your feed, players and page at a specific date and time.

  • Unlisted: Like a drafts area. Anything in here isn't publicly accessible unless you have the direct link to the episode player.

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