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Automatically Upload Episodes
Automatically Upload Episodes

Use Zapier to upload episodes directly from a GDrive or Dropbox folder.

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This feature is available on the following plans:

  • Lite

  • Growth

  • Premium

  • AppSumo

Connect Zapier up to a Dropbox or Google Drive folder and automatically upload your episodes to when you drop them in the folder! We'll be using Google Drive for this example.

How to Setup

  1. Log in to Zapier and choose one of the following:

2. For the Trigger, select "New File in Folder"
3. For the Action, select "Create New Episode from a File URL"
4. Click "Connect + Google Drive"

5. Log into Google Drive in the Choose Account option.
6. Select "My Google Drive" for Drive
7. Select the Folder you want to import from in Folder. Then Test and Review to see if it pulls the right files.

8. Then connect up your account in the same way.
9. Select the Podcast you want to upload the files to.
10. For File URL, select "1. File" for this field.
11. If you already have an audio file in your folder on Google Drive, test and Save if successful!

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