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Set Up Automatic Tweets
Set Up Automatic Tweets

Use Zapier to automatically Tweet out new episodes to your listeners!

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Zapier is a tool that allows you to set up automated processes for your podcast. This is just one of many that allows you to set up automatic tweets every time a new episode goes live.

Get Signed Up

  1. Create an account with Zapier (

  2. Head to this link and select the Twitter option in here:

  3. Click Connect These Apps

Set Up Automatic Tweets

1. In the first drop down, click Get Published Episodes.
2. Select your account and connect this up. You may be asked to log into, this is normal.
3. Select your podcast name in the final drop down menu, and test the connection by clicking Test & Continue. 

4. In the Twitter box, select Create Tweet as the action.
5. Connect up your Twitter account. You may be asked to log into Twitter, this is normal.

6. Then customise your Tweet. You can click the menu icon on the top right of the text box to add variables like the Episode Title or Direct Link.
7. When you're ready Test this out by clicking Test & Continue. This will send a test Tweet out so be ready to delete this if you don't want people noticing!

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