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Record, edit, transcribe & upload to all using Descript!

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Note: Descript only handles English transcription currently. They are hoping to cover other languages in the future.

Descript is a pretty well-known transcription tool, that also lets you record, edit and upload from its dashboard. Now, you can post directly to! Let's check it out!

Workspace Layout

The Descript workspace is REALLY easy to navigate and they even have a built in tutorial for you, but here's the basic gist!

To the left, where our green box is, you have all your previous Projects that you've been working on. So if you need to run off during editing something, you can easily come back and pick it up again.

Then in the top right, in our red box, you can see the "New Project" button and this is what you want when you're starting a new episode from scratch. Let's click that to start our first episode!

Project Workspace

This is where all the magic happens. Here you can record, edit and transcribe your episode.

To start recording an episode, click the + button in the top bar menu, then Audio Recording. Then you can record directly into Descript and it will transcribe in real time along with you!
You can also click Voice File if you have an already recorded episode you'd like to import in instead.

Editing in Descript

Once you're done recording, you can use some of Descript powerful editing and mastering tools to improve your episode.

Fixing Mistakes in Transcript

The transcription made a mistake? No worries, that's easy to correct. Just click Edit Media in the top left and then click Correct Text to select that mode. You can also use Cmd + E to switch between these 2 modes.
Now you can go ahead and correct your written transcript as much as you like!

Filler Word Removal

We have a chunk of audio here where we said Um quite a few times! Let's get rid of that!

Find an Um and right click on it, then click Remove Filler Word. This will open a window on the left that will show you all the filler words you used. To remove all of them, just click Apply to All. They will all get removed and the audio will get stitched back together so you'd never even know they were there!

Auto Level Your Audio

To apply some levelling to your audio, just right click the Waveform at the bottom of the workspace, then click Auto Level Clip. This will level out your volume making it one uniform level.

You can also adjust the volume of your clips by clicking Add Volume Keyframe and then dragging those around to adjust.

Export to

Once you're ready and finished, you can then Export directly to!

Click File > Export, then click the 3 dots and select from the list. This will send you over to to finish the upload process.

Once in your account, select the Podcast you want to upload the episode to, and keep the lower details the same. You do not need to change these. Click Import.

The Episode will import in and you will be redirected to your account once this is complete.

To Edit the title and description and pop the episode live, go to Episodes and then your Unlisted section. Click the 3 dots to the right, and Edit to adjust the title and description of the episode. Then click those same 3 dots and Publishing Options to put it live or schedule it up.

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