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Quick overview of the Podcast.co Dashboard.

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* Anything with an asterisk is only available on the Growth plan and above.

Welcome to the Podcast.co platform! We're going to give you a quick overview of the Dashboard and explain what each tab can be used for.

To log in to your account, please head to https://studio.podcast.co


This tab offers a very quick breakdown of some key stats for your podcast:

  • Published Episodes: How many episodes of your podcast are live currently.

  • Monthly Downloads: Based on a 30 day rolling period, this shows all downloads over that period.

  • Unique Monthly Downloads: Based on a 30 day rolling period, this shows all IP addresses that downloaded during that period, cutting out any accidental duplicate downloads.

  • Estimated Subscribers: Our systems estimate at how many subscribers your podcast is likely at based on the average amount of Unique Downloads that happened within the first 24 hours of release from your latest 3 episodes.


This tab is where you manage all of your episodes including uploading and editing information. This area is split into 3 parts. These are:

  • Published: Episodes that are live and accessible to your audience.

  • Scheduled: Episodes scheduled to publish at a later date & time.

  • Unlisted: Like a drafts area. Anything in here can only be accessed via the direct link.

To Upload an Episode, simply click and drag your MP3 to this window, or click the orange Upload Episode button and select your file that way.


This tab shows the main statistic for your podcast as a whole. You can adjust the date range you're looking at by clicking the displayed range in the top right, then selecting a preset or a custom start and end date. The graphs here show you the following:

  • Total Downloads: Every download that happened within your selected date range.

  • Unique Downloads: Every IP address that downloaded within the selected date range, cutting out accidental duplicate downloads.

  • Top Locations: Showing the top 5 locations downloading your episodes.

  • Top Clients: Showing the top 5 platforms people are using to listen, e.g. Apple, Spotify, etc.

  • Top Episodes: Showing the top 10 downloaded episodes from the selected date range.


The Settings tab is where you can view and change the basic setup of your podcast, including the Podcast Name, Categories, Description, and Artwork. This is split into 4 sections:

  • Basic: Main settings for artwork, title, categories and description live in here.

  • Advanced: Important section to go through, including set up details like Time Zone, Author Name, etc.

  • Intro/Outro*: An easy way to add a standardised intro and outro to your podcast episodes. For more info on this, click here: Intro/Outro Feature

  • Delete Podcast: This is for completely deleting your podcast. Please only do this to completely remove your podcast from your account.

Share & Publish

This tab is where all of your podcasts Distribution options lie. Again this is split into 3 sections:

  • RSS & Publishing: This is where you'll find your RSS Feed URL when needed and where you can send off your podcast for Distribution.

  • Podcast Player: The main playlist style embeddable player for your podcast and the colour customisation options.

  • Subscribe Button: An embeddable button for your website people can use to easily subscribe to the best directory for them.

My Page

This is all the settings for the Podcast Page we provide you with. This is split into a few sections and options:

  • Settings: All the main options for the page. Certain elements are only available from our Growth Plan and above so please go here for a full explanation: Podcast Pages

  • Design: The colour options for the page, as well as font options and options for the Header at the top of the page.

  • About: The written About section on the page, customisable from Growth plan and above.

  • Hosts*: A section to add in a Host Profile for people to find out more about who the host is as a person.

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