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Podcast Analytics

Everything about your podcasts statistics explained.

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UPDATE: Spotify Analytics are now included in with your main statistics. You'll need to claim your podcast on Spotify to connect that up and to get access to their own demographic data clicking here.

You can access your podcasts analytics in your Analytics tab. This shows the statistics for your podcast as a whole; For episode specific analytics, follow this guide instead: Episode Analytics.

Downloads Graph

The top graph shows you your Total and Unique downloads over the selected period of time. This sets to 1 week by default, but you can adjust this by clicking the displayed date range and selecting one of the preset options, or selecting a start and end date on the calendar.

  • Total Downloads: Every single download that happens within the displayed date range.

  • Unique Downloads: Every person that downloads within the displayed date range, e.g. someone accidentally downloads the same episode 3 times, it will show 1 download to clean up.


This section is made up of 3 graphs showing Most Popular Episodes, Top Locations and Top Clients. These all default to show in terms of Unique Downloads but you can toggle between Total and Unique using the toggle in the top right.

  • Most Popular Episodes: Showing the top 10 downloaded episodes during the selected date range giving you an idea on popular topics.

  • Top Locations: Showing the top 5 locations downloads for your podcast are coming from.

  • Top Clients: Showing the top 5 platforms people are using to listen to your podcast.

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