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Get Your Spotify Statistics

Claim your podcast on Spotify and get demographic data about your audience!

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Here's how to claim your podcast on Spotify and grab your statistics directly from them. This whole process only takes 5 mins!

  1. Head to and log in or create an account.

  2. You should get redirected to the claim page automatically, but if you don't click the three dots in the top left, then "Add or Claim Your Podcast".

  3. Click the green "Get Started" button, then paste your RSS Feed URL into the next box. Here's more on where to find that: Finding Your RSS Feed

    This will generate a preview of the Title, Author, Artwork, Description, and Category. Click Next.

  4. Next you need to verify you own your podcast so click Send Code, then head to your emails to grab your verification code and paste it into this box.

    Note: If your podcast is currently in Submission with our team, the email will have temporarily changed to ours. Please wait for Submissions to be over before continuing.

  5. Finally, just enter a few more details about your podcast as these help Spotify to know when and where to display your podcast the most. Once you're happy, click Next and you're all done!
    You can now access this by going to and then Catalogue at the top.

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