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Add your shows to the Apple Podcasts App on macOS and iOS along with iTunes on Windows.

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Apple Podcasts is one of the biggest podcast directories available, and usually the go-to service for people new to podcasting who own an iOS or macOS device. We strongly recommend you submit your show to Apple Podcasts for the greatest exposure.

How to Submit:

An Apple ID is required to access Apple Podcasts Connect. If you do not have an Apple ID already, create one for free at the following link:

Expanded details on how to do this are available in this support document on Apple's website.

Tip: If you are publishing a podcast for your business we recommend creating a new Apple ID instead of using your personal one.

Sign in using your Apple ID via the Podcasts Connect portal: 

Click the '+' button then 'New Show'.

Choose 'Add existing show (RSS Feed)' then paste in your RSS feed. You can find this in the 'Share & Publish' tab of your account.

Tip: For most use cases the other options on this page can be left as they are.

If you're a network and have multiple collaborators within your Apple Podcasts Connect account you can choose which have access to your new show by selecting 'Choose who has access'

Click 'Add'. You will then see your podcast in 'Draft' state. During this time your show information will be importing into Apple Podcasts Connect.

Add your contact information under 'Show Contact' (this will not be made public and is only for use by Apple Podcaster Support in the event of any issues).

Next set your availability and rights. It's important to make Apple aware if your show contains and has rights to use any third party content.

Once settings have been adjusted click 'Save' in the upper right.

The 'Show Information' page will load again. Your show should have finished processing and you'll see the details extracted from your feed.

On this page, set your 'Update Frequency'. This will be displayed in the Apple Podcasts app to inform users how often they should expect new episodes of your show.

Once you are happy with all the details you can click 'Submit For Review' in the upper right. This will send your show to Apple for processing which can take up to 72 hours.

You'll also see the public Apple Podcasts link appear on the page which you can add to your account in order to activate the option on your page, players or subscribe button.

Once people start following your show on Apple Podcasts, you'll be able to access Analytics directly inside your Apple Podcasts Connect account. These relate to followers who enjoy your show in the Apple Podcasts App on macOS, iOS or iTunes on Windows.

Tip: If you have any technical questions surrounding Apple Podcasts Connect, or wish to use Apple's creator tools you can find out more and get support here

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