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Move from bCast

How to migrate and redirect your podcast from bCast to

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Step 1: Import into

  • Log in to your account, or sign up at

  • Click Import my Podcast

  • Paste your bCast RSS Feed URL into this box and double check the preview to make sure all episodes have been picked up.

  • Click Import. (If Importing takes over 20 mins to complete, or if not all episodes came in correctly, please get in contact with us.)

Step 2: Redirect in bCast (Only do this after Step 1 is fully complete!)

  • Log in to bCast & select the podcast you are moving.

  • Go to Podcast Settings (Gear icon in top right)

  • Put your new RSS Feed URL into the box marked "Permanent (301) redirect url"

  • Double check this is correct and then click Save to finalise.

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