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Deleting Your Podcast

How to Delete your Podcast from your account

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While we really don't want you to leave us, we understand that might not be suitable for everyone. However, please make sure you message us with any questions or concerns first, because we'd really love to try and help you out so you feel more comfortable to stay!
If you do want to delete your Podcast from your account, make sure you are on the Podcast you want to delete and head to the Settings tab.

Just select the red text that says Delete Podcast. Then on the next screen, click the button that says Delete Podcast to confirm your decision.
This will remove your podcast from your account and all the data to do with it. Any directories this podcast appears in will stop reading the RSS Feed and be labelled as Inactive where applicable.

If you need a Redirect applied to your podcast, please message us so we can sort this out for you. All redirects will stay in place for 1 week.

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