Embed Your Whole Podcast

Head over to the Share & Publish tab of your Dashboard, and then click Podcast Player.

Here you can customise your player to fit with your website by:

  • Adjusting the colour of the buttons 
  • Choosing whether you want a Light or Dark theme 
  • Choosing from rounded buttons and square buttons 
  • Choosing which information you want your player to display.

Once you have it looking exactly as you want, click Save Changes. Then head to the Embed Code box at the top of this tab.

Then just copy and paste this code into your website and BOOM! A handy, snazzy looking Podcast Player there on your website for easy listening!

Embed Individual Episode Players

But what if you want to embed single episodes into your website? Don't worry, we've got your covered. Click those 3 dots next to the episode you want to embed and then click Share.

This will show you what the player will look like, and also give you the Embed code for your website. Simply click Copy Code next to the box, and this will copy the code for you. Now you just need to paste that into your website wherever you want it to appear!

If you need any more help or advice, please let us know!

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