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Create a Private Podcast

Need an internal-only podcast? Create a private podcast that only those with the link can hear!

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Sometimes you might only want certain people to hear your podcast, for example, if it's an internal podcast just for your employees. This is how to create a private podcast that only certain people can hear!

Step 1. Upload your episode

This is the normal process. Click Upload Episode and upload your podcast episode as normal. Fill in the details as you want them to appear in the next window, and publish your episode. Then this is where things change a bit.


If you select the option to allow us to distribute your podcast, our team will push out your podcast to all major podcast directories. This would make it available to the public. Instead, don't distribute it and share the link to your Podcast Page with your intended audience.

(You can find this in Share & Publish, then Podcast Page!)

Step 3: Allow listening on Apple Podcasts

Obviously some people will want to be able to listen to your podcast on Apple Podcasts like their many other podcasts. Well surprisingly, they can!
Send your listeners the RSS Feed URL and the following instructions:

  1. Open iTunes on a laptop or computer. 

  2. Click File > Subscribe to a Podcast

  3. Paste in the RSS Feed you have sent them.

  4. Click okay.

This will add the podcast to the persons subscribe list, without it being publicly available on Apple Podcasts. Magic, right?

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