Sometimes you might only want certain people to hear your podcast, for example, if it's an internal podcast just for your employees, or maybe private episodes for your Patreon people! This is how to create a private podcast that only certain people can hear!

Step 1. Upload your episode

This is the normal process. Click Upload Episode and upload your podcast episode as normal. Fill in the details as you want them to appear in the next window, then this is where things change a bit.

Step 2. Make it Unlisted

From the Publish drop down menu, click Unlisted instead of the usual. This will pop your episode into the Unlisted section and make sure your normal listeners can't see it.

Step 3. Share the link!

Once you have your episode in Unlisted, click the Share icon. Then just copy the Embed code and embed the player into your webpage wherever you'd like it to sit! You can create a whole private podcast page this way! Pretty cool!

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