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What is an Open and Closed Podcast and how can you switch between them?

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Within Private Podcasts, there are two types of podcast; Open and Closed.

  • Open:- All Private Subscribers to the Account will have access via the Private Network page. This option uses an RSS Feed.

  • Closed:- Only those specifically given access can listen to this one via the Private Network page. This option does not use an RSS Feed.

    Switching Open/Closed Status

You choose Open or Closed status when you set up your Private Podcast, but if you ever want to change this, you can do so in the Private Subscribers area.

Click on the podcast you want on the left, then scroll to Auto Subscribe Settings.

Click the displayed button to switch from one status to the other.

Note: Switching from Open to Closed will remove all Subscribers from that podcast and you will need to add them back. As they're subscribed to your account, their emails are stored so this just operates as a tick list to give them access back.

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