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Managing Multiple Podcasts
Managing Multiple Podcasts

How to manage more than one podcast

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As a Network account, you will be managing more than one podcast. This guide will show you how to effectively manage more than one podcast.

Setting Up A Podcast For A Client

Creating a new podcast for a client within your network is simple. Make sure you're in your network account, then click the dropdown arrow next to your displaying podcasts name and then Create a New Podcast.

If they are brand new to the world of podcasting, select the Create a New Podcast and fill in the podcast details on the following page.

If they already have a podcast but are joining your network, select Import Podcast Settings and enter the old RSS Feed.

Adding & Adjusting Collaborators

We have another guide on how to adjust your Collaborator settings, but if you head to the top right drop down menu and click Network Settings underneath your Network name, you'll find a list of your collaborators.

To add Collaborators, simply click the black Invite User button at the top. The fill in their email address and select what kind of role you want them to have on the Network using the drop down list.

So in this example, we are adding this person as a Podcast Manager on the podcast called Create Reach Inspire. Once you're happy, just click Invite at the bottom and your invitation will be sent over to the client.

By clicking on the 3 dots next to a persons name, you can click Edit to adjust the amount of access they have to the Network, or you can Remove them from the Network all together.

You will be able to see exactly what access each person has, and also who has not accepted their invites to join the Network yet. This makes it easy to chase people up, and also, see at a glance who is in charge of different podcasts.

Switching Between Podcasts

If you have more than one podcast in your network, when you log in to the app you'll see the Network Dashboard. Simply click the podcast you wish to manage.

Switching between the different podcasts in your Network is super easy. You just head to the little drop down arrow next to the podcast title that's currently displaying, then select the podcast you want to look at.

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