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Adding, Removing & Restricting Collaborators
Adding, Removing & Restricting Collaborators

Find out how to add, remove, and adjust the access that your Account collaborators have.

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Adding Collaborators

Head to the top right drop down list, and then click Account Options.

Here, you'll see a list of the Collaborators currently part of your account, including their email address, role, and which podcasts they have access to.

To add a new Collaborator. Click the blue + Invite User button in the upper right.

Next add their Email Address and select their Account Role. This is how you decide how much access that person will have within the account. You can see available permissions below:

General Permissions

Account Owner

Has full access to all shows, analytics, settings and billing

Account Admin

Has full access to all shows, analytics and settings, but not billing

Podcast Only Permissions

Podcast Manager

Has access to all settings for specified shows including:

  • Upload and publish/unpublish episodes

  • Changing metadata

  • View Show only analytics

  • Changing page/player themes

Content Creator

This role can:

  • Upload and publish/unpublish episodes

Finally click Invite. This will send the pending collaborator an email which they can open to create an login for themselves and access your account.

Adjusting Access

If you need to change a collaborators access, head to the Collaborators settings page as above then click the three dots (...) next to the one you wish to change. Choose Edit.

Here you can change the level of access as per the table above. Click Save to confirm any adjustments.

Removing Collaborators

Click the three dots (...) next to the collaborators name, then click Remove.

A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. To continue, click Remove.

This action cannot be undone, however you can re-invite a collaborator at any time.

If you require further assistance with collaborators, please contact us to discuss using the messenger in the lower right.

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