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Adding, Removing & Restricting Collaborators
Adding, Removing & Restricting Collaborators

Find out how to add, remove, and adjust the access that your Network collaborators have.

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Adding & Adjusting Access

First, you'll want to head to the top right drop down list, and then click Network Settings underneath your Networks name.

Here, you'll be able to see a list of all the Collaborators that are currently on your Podcast Network, as well as their email addresses, roles, and which podcasts they have access to.

We're going to add a new Collaborator to our Network. Click the black button that says, + Invite User.

Then fill in their Email Address and select their Account Role. This is how you decide how much access that person will have within the Network. They can be added as:

  • Account Owner if you are switching the ownership of the Network to another person.

  • Account Admin which gives access to all podcasts in the Network and allows them to add and remove other collaborators.

  • Limit to Specific Podcasts which gives them access to the Podcasts you choose.

Removing Collaborators

To remove a Collaborator, click the three dots next to the persons name, then click Remove.

On the next pop-up box, just click Remove to confirm your decision and this will permanently remove this Collaborator from your Network unless they are manually added back in.

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