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Adding & Removing Subscribers
Adding & Removing Subscribers

How to add and remove Subscribers from your Private Network or specific Closed Podcasts.

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Within the Private Subscribers area, you can also manage your list of Private Subscribers, including granting or removing access to either the whole Network, or individual Closed podcasts.

Adding/Removing Subscribers from Network

To add Subscribers, you can either, click the Add Subscribers button to add individual subscribers via email. This will send out an email to the Subscriber in question to confirm their access.

Alternatively, you can whitelist domains if you're wanting to grant access to a whole company for an internal comms podcast for example. Scroll to Whitelist Domain, then enter the email domain for your company, e.g. Whenever someone with an email on this domain requests access via the Page Link, they will just get a magic link email straight away.

To remove Subscribers from your Network, head to the All Subscribers list on the left, which will bring up the master list of all Private Subscribers that have access to your Network. Then click Remove to the right of the person you wish to remove from your Network, and then confirm this on the next step. This will revoke all access from that person.

Adding/Removing Subscribers from Podcasts

To manage who has access to which Closed Podcasts, the Subscriber will first need to be a Subscriber on the Network level so follow the above instructions to add them if they haven't been already.

To add someone to a Closed Podcast, simply click Manage Access, then tick their email on the list and click Allow Access. Whenever this Subscriber accesses the Private Network page going forward, they will now be able to access this podcast from there as well as any Open podcasts.

To remove someone from a Closed Podcast, head to this Closed Podcast in question on the left hand side. This will bring up a list of Subscribers with access, as pictured above. Click Revoke to the right of the persons name, and then confirm by clicking Revoke again on the pop up window.

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