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Setting up and a look at the sections of your new Private Podcast.

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Note: Private Podcasts are only available on the Growth plan and above.

Private Podcasts are perfect for internal communications within your company, or just for making some content exclusive and Subscriber only. This type of podcast does not get submitted to Directories (Apple, Spotify, etc.) and will only be accessed by the audience you allow.

How to Set Up a Private Podcast

  1. Log In or Create an Account on a Growth or Business Plan, then click Create a New Podcast.

  2. Click Create Private Show and fill in your podcasts details

  3. Finally, choose whether you want an Open or Closed Podcast.

Managing a Private Podcast

From here, you can start inviting people to subscribe to your podcast.

In your Account View, click the Private Subscribers tab. This tab is split into a few different sections explained below:

  • All Subscribers: A list of all Subscribers on your network, also showing which podcasts they currently have access to. This will be Public Podcasts and any Open Private Podcasts on your Network by default. You can also manage your Private Network Page in here.

  • Closed Private Shows: Any podcasts listed under here are Closed and only those who have been granted access can listen.

  • Open Private Shows: These are Private Shows that are accessible by any Private Subscriber to your Network.

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