Note: Private Podcasts are only available on the Growth plan and above.

Private Podcasts are perfect for internal communications within your company, or just for making some content exclusive and Subscriber only. This type of podcast does not get submitted to Directories (Apple, Spotify, etc.) and will only be accessed by the audience you allow.

How to Set Up a Private Podcast

  1. Log In or Create an Account on a Business Plan, then click Create a New Podcast.

  2. Fill in your podcasts details as normal, but for the box at the bottom for Make this Podcast Private, make sure this is turned on (Orange).
    This cannot be undone, so make sure you really want this podcast to be invite only!

Managing a Private Podcast

From here, you can start inviting people to subscribe to your podcast.

In your Dashboard, click the Subscribers tab. This tab is split into a few different sections explained below:

  • Manage Subscribers: This is a list of the people currently subscribed to your podcast. You can easily search this list for specific emails if you need to find someone.

  • Add Subscribers: You can add specific email addresses to your podcast in here, and add Whitelisted domains if you need to whitelist a whole company for access to the podcast. *

  • Landing Page: This has the link to your landing page where listeners can request access to the podcast. You can also set up an email where listeners can contact you if they cannot get access, and there's a few customisation options for the page in here as well.

We can also arrange SSO for an additional charge to make it easier for members of your company or community to log in and access the podcast. Just send us a message using the chat box, or via [email protected]

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