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Tip: Make your podcast stand out in directories.
Tip: Make your podcast stand out in directories.

We share some tips on how to make your podcast listing pop and reduce the chances of it being de-listed from directories.

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Your podcast information can be edited in the 'Settings' section of your studio.

Basic Settings

It all starts with the visuals!

Some key points to consider when designing your podcast artwork:

  • Less is more - don't complicate the image with detailed backgrounds. Simple colours or a non-distracting image will work best

  • Not too wordy - Don't add additional text to the image. At most have your podcast title and the author.

  • No additional logos - Do not use your artwork to advertise directories. This will go against their brand guidelines which should be respected at all times.
    If your podcast is sponsored by a brand or managed by an agency, add their logo marque in the corner (with their permission).

  • No explicit content - Podcast artwork is public therefore should not depict explicit or prohibited imagery. If your podcast title contains expletives we recommend censoring it with asterisks on the artwork.

Choose a suitable title

Your title is the key to your podcast's identity and needs some research.

To help we've listed some things you should avoid below:

  • Long titles - Remember people are browsing for a new podcast to listen to. Your artwork and title need to be glanceable. Avoid having long wordy titles. Keep them brief while conveying what the podcast is about. Think of it as your podcast's elevator pitch.

  • Irrelevant terms - Don't add irrelevant phrasing to your title in an attempt to rank on SEO. It can have a damaging effect in the actual Podcast directories.

  • Uncensored Expletives - If your podcast title is going to contain the F word, make sure it's censored. This will be publicly listed and may cause offence. Some directories may de-list your show if the terms are too extreme. Censor with asterisks just to be safe.


Categories in follow Apple Podcast's structure. We recommend choosing the categories that best relate to the content of your show.


This is where you sell your show to prospective followers. Make sure it's engaging and sets the scene for what they should expect from episodes. Follow these steps:

  • Your description should be at least one paragraph to avoid being flagged as test content.

  • We recommend keeping it concise and on focus with your podcast. Proof read and remove unnecessary phrases to aid readability. Consider using a writing tool such as Grammarly to help with structure of information.

  • Descriptions can include web links but don't overuse them. Only include links that are relevant.

  • It's also good practice to disclose your publish frequency here. If you release a new episode every Wednesday, add this into your description.

  • Your description is publicly facing. So censor expletives or sensitive information where appropriate.

Advanced Settings

  • Author: This will be shown on directories close to your title. If your podcast is personal, add your name or 'stage name' to this field. For business or network podcasts enter the company/network name.

  • Language: Choose the language your podcast is presented in. If you have a multilingual podcast. Choose the language that's more prominently used.

  • Content Rating: This is important to get right. If your show contains expletive language, or discusses topics for mature audiences (e.g. drug or sexual abuse) it should be marked as explicit. Mis-categorising this may result in removal from directories.

Things to check up on within your Episode information

You can edit this on individual episodes from the main list in your studio.

  • Episode Titles: Make sure these are short and simple. Do NOT put "Episode 1", "Episode 2" as your titles, or just the same title for every episode. This will quickly be seen as spam.

  • Episode Descriptions: Make these at least a paragraph long. One line of a description will likely end up getting picked up as 'test content' and your podcast may get removed.

  • Content Rating: If your episode contains expletives be sure to toggle this on.

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