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Create Your Podcast Page

Create your own webpage for your podcast.

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* Anything with an asterisk is only available on the Growth plan and above.

Head to your My Page tab on your Navigation Bar to enter the settings for your webpage we provide for your podcast. This is split into 3-4 tabs on the left so we will go through each.


  • Page Enabled*: This toggle allows you to turn off the webpage if you do not want to use it. Otherwise, it is live by default.

  • Add Contact Email: Turn on this toggle and insert an email address to allow listeners to reach out to you about the podcast easily.

  • Google Analytics*: Put your Google Analytics Tracking ID into this box to enable traffic tracking on your webpage.

  • Custom Domain*: Apply a custom domain to your webpage. More on that here: Apply A Custom Domain

  • Social Channels: Connect up some social media so listeners can follow you easily.

  • Donation Settings: Fill in this section to accept donations to your podcast.


  • Branding & Styles: Select the overall colour schemes for the webpage and font option.

  • Header Options: Choose between our colour and wave design or a custom image for the top of your webpage.


This will default to the main description of your podcast in Settings, however on our Growth plan and above you can customise this to be completely different and even embed videos and images.


This section allows you to create a little profile for the host(s) of your podcast, giving listeners a bit more information on the people they are listening to.

When that's all been customised up, you should end up with a very clean, easy to navigate webpage you can distribute to your listeners for easy listening and subscribing. Here is an example of one we set up: Example Podcast Page

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