Head to the Share & Publish tab of your Dashboard, and then Podcast Page. This is a free webpage so, if you don't have a website, you have somewhere a bit snazzy to send your listeners to listen to the latest episode!

The first thing you can do is upload a new Cover Image for your Podcast Page. You can upload anything here but if you want it looking great, try to stick to 1920x800.

The next thing is to connect up your Social Channels so your listeners can find you and join in the conversation! Fill in your Username on all social media that you use.

A couple of things to remember when filling in your Social details:

  • You do not need the @ symbol on your social handles
  • For YouTube, it go to your channel page and copy everything after youtube.com/
    An example would be channel/UCwoQZef64Wfca_ETuo8uIHA

The last thing you can do on this tab is adjust the Style of your Podcast Page. You can adjust whether the page is in a Light theme or Dark theme, and the Colour for any links and buttons on the page.

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