* Anything with an asterisk is Pro & above only

Head to the My Page tab on your Dashboard menu to start setting up your new Podcast Page. Here you'll find a few customisation options. Let's go through these!

Settings Tab

This tab allows you to adjust the basic settings of your podcast. In here you can:

  • Add Contact Email: This is an email that people can reach out to you at either to comment on your great work, or possibly to offer sponsors!

  • Google Analytics:* You can add in your Google Analytics Tracking ID to keep track of visitor numbers on your page. This requires sign up to Google Analytics first.

  • Custom Domain*: Change from the default pod.co URL to your own custom domain for your webpage.

  • Social Channels: Connect up some social media channels for your podcast so people can keep up to date there too!

  • Donation Links: Connect up Patreon or PayPal to easily receive donations from your listeners.

Design Tab

Use the Design tab to change the overall look of your Podcast Page. Here you can:

  • Branding & Styles: Adjust the colour scheme and font that is used on your Podcast Page to match your own branding.

  • Header Options: Switch between our waveform background and a custom background image for the header of your webpage.

About Tab

Use this tab to adjust the About section of your webpage including podcast description and Title. You can change the Title of the page and write out a description for your podcast here.
You can even include images and video clips!*

Hosts Tab*

On the Hosts Tab, you can add some info about the Hosts of your podcast. You can add a couple of different host profiles to let people know who you are!

Snazzy Examples!

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