Finding Your Old RSS Feed

  1. Log in to your Buzzsprout account.

  2. Head to iTunes & Directories.

  3. Copy your RSS Feed.

Migrating from Buzzsprout to

  1. Copy your old Buzzsprout RSS Feed you just found. 

  2. Paste it into Import Podcast Settings in your new account.

  3. In Buzzsprout, head to My Account, and then Cancel/Redirect Podcast.

  4. Select the centre option Redirect Podcast, and then follow the instructions through to place a redirect on your old feed.

Note: We recommend keeping your Buzzsprout account open for at least 3 weeks after the redirect is put in place to ensure all listeners have come across with you! Don't worry, your Buzzsprout account will downgrade to free automatically if you put a redirect in place so you won't get charged for this transition period.

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