Welcome to the Podcast.co platform! We're going to give you a quick overview of the Dashboard and explain what each tab can be used for. Buckle up!

To log in to your account, please head to studio.podcast.co 


When you log in to the Podcast.co studio, a list of published episodes will appear. If this is the first time you've logged into your account, you'll see something similar to the image above. You can see:

  • Published episodes that are visible to your subscribers
  • Scheduled episodes that are scheduled to be published at a later date
  • Unlisted episodes which can only be listened to with a direct link or episode web player.


In the Analytics tab, you can see an overview of how your podcast is performing. These graphs show you the following:

  • Number of Downloads in the form of a filled in line graph.
  • Unique Downloads in the form of a line graph.
  • Top Episodes in a pie graph showing the most downloaded episodes.
  • Top Clients in a pie graph showing how the listeners are listening to your podcast.


The Settings tab is where you can view and change the basic setup of your podcast, including the Podcast Name, Categories, Description, and Artwork.
You can also adjust the Advanced settings including, Subtitle, Author, Website URL, Copyright information, and the global Content Settings (explicit or clean).

If you need to, you can delete your podcast by entering the danger zone and clicking Delete Podcast. Note: This is final, your podcast will be deleted and unrecoverable. 

Share & Publish

This is probably one of the tabs you'll be using the most! You can find the following in Share & Publish:

  • RSS Feed, so you can submit your podcast to different directorie such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, acast, stitcher and Tunein.com. 
  • Podcast Player, so you can embed a neat player for your podcast onto your website.
  • Podcast Page, which is a customisable page for your podcast that you can link people to so they can play your podcast through that.
  • Subscribe Button which allows you to embed a single subscribe button to your website that, when hovered over, reveals all platforms your podcast is on.

We do have more detailed guides on everything from uploading media to your account, to submitting your RSS Feed to different directories as well. If you aren't sure of something or would like some advice, feel free to message us!

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