We try to make Podcast.co the best it can be, so before you decide to leave us, make sure you message us with some feedback on why you've made this decision so we can use your comments to improve! If you would still like to leave us follow this process through.

Note: If your account has already deactivated due to lack of payment, you will not be able to access this information. Please make sure you do this process before your next billing date or the end of your trial.

Moving Your Podcast

If you have a podcast set up, you'll need your RSS Feed to be able to move across. You can find your RSS Feed in your Share & Publish section. Just copy that link, and paste it into your new hosting platform. This should carry all your details across. 

If your new hosting platform doesn't offer an import option like this, you'll have to manually move your episodes across. Click the three dots next to your episode, then Download, to download your audio files, then just re-upload these to your new host.

Deactivating Your Account

Once you've moved everything safely across, you can go about deactivating your account. You can do this by removing your podcast from your account leaving it completely clear. Just go to Settings, then click Delete Podcast. At your next billing date, our system will recognise that your account is empty and will deactivate you automatically.

If you have a Network account, you will need to message us about deactivating your account and we will start that process for you.

Note about 301 Redirect: If you are in need of a redirect on your feed, you will need to message us to set this up. Our redirects stay in place for 7 days.

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