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How to upload episodes to your podcast feed!

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Note: File formats supported by Podcast.co are MP3 and M4A(AAC).

To upload an episode to your feed, you need to first click on the orange button saying  Upload Episode, and select your file, or you can drag and drop your file into the window. 

Note: You can only upload one episode at a time. Any M4a files uploaded will be converted to MP3 files.

Once the upload is complete you will see the New Episode information window...

Here you can add the details of the episode including:

Episode Name - this will be displayed in directories and your players.
Episode Description - describe what the episode is about. Creating a full description may assist with discovery on directories. You can format the text with Bold, Italics, and Bullet points to make your description stand out on supported platforms.
Episode Artwork - by default your episode will use your Podcast's artwork. If you wish to upload episode specific artwork (e.g. A special event) you can do so here.
Author - If the author of this episode differs from your default, you can add them here Episode Type - Choose from Full (standard episode), Trailer (a short clip introducing your podcast to potential new subscribers), Bonus (additional content, e.g. bloopers or behind the scenes)
Episode Number - This is for ordering your episodes within your players and other directories
Season Number - Group your episodes via seasons. If you do not require a season, leave this blank.
If your episode contains explicit content, please ensure the Content Rating switch is enabled.

Once you're all done, click Next.

Then you'll be asked how you want to publish your episode. You can choose from the following 3 options:

  • Public: The episode will be added to your podcast feed immediately. The episode will appear on your Pod.co page, and Podcast web players. 

  • Scheduled: Select a date and time for the episode to be published to your podcast feed. 

  • Unlisted: Only subscribers who have the direct link to the episode or web player will be able to listen to it.

After you've selected the option you'd like, click Publish Episode, Schedule Episode, or Save as Unlisted, depending on your choice. Then you're all done!

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