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Create Podcast Audiograms
Create Podcast Audiograms

How to create video audiograms of your podcast episodes!

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This feature is available on the following plans:

  • Lite

  • Growth

  • Premium

  • AppSumo*

* Through purchase of the Transcription & Audiogram add-on

Podcast audiograms are short audio files converted into video. You can then share these on social media platforms to attract more attention to your podcast.
Thanks to our new Headliner integration, you can now easily create audiograms of your podcast!

Step 1: Log In & Select Episode

Log in to your account, find the episode you want to convert into an audiogram and click the Create Audiogram button next to the episode. 

This window will open. Click Proceed to Headliner. This will open Headliner in a new tab.

Step 2: Select A Size

Headliner has preset sizes for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, you name it! Select which size you want to use and then click next. You can always go back and make multiple sized versions of the same audiogram later.

Step 3: Adjust Visuals

Adjust the image behind your audiogram however you like. You can even swap it out for a new image! Adjust how you want the waveform to look, where it is positioned and what colour you want it to be. You can also add text in to your audiogram. 

Step 4: Select Audio & Transcription

The final step in the basic setup is selecting the audio you want to use. This could be the whole podcast episode* or it could just be a preview clip to tease the episode on social media. You can also turn Auto-Transcription on and off here. If you want it on, make sure you select your language! For example, English has a few variants to match to different accents.
*Note: If your audio is beyond 10 mins long, it will not open in the editor.

Step 5: Edit!

After your audio has uploaded and your transcription has been created, it will open in the Headliner Editor. This is where you can fine tune adjust things. Sometimes the auto-transcription will get a few words wrong so you can check that to the left and double click on sentences to edit any that are wrong. You can add in other text and images to the video itself and even adjust the audio.

Step 6: Export Your Audiogram

Once you're happy with everything, click Export to get your audiogram! It will be sent to you via email so make sure it doesn't accidentally fall into your Junk folder. Then you can download your audiogram and post it wherever you want!

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