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Embeddable Subscribe Button
Embeddable Subscribe Button

How to setup and use the embeddable Subscribe button!

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This feature is available on the following plans:

  • Lite

  • Growth

  • Premium

  • AppSumo

Introducing the embeddable Subscribe button! This offers a really quick and easy way for your listeners to subscribe to your podcast using the platform they want to. It also keeps your website looking neat and tidy, instead of having different platform links all over the place!

Where is it?

If you head to your Share & Publish section in your account, then click Subscribe Button, you'll find your button in here. You can adjust the settings of the button in here too to get it looking just right for your website!

How does it work?

If you embed this on your website, when visitors hover over it, it will expand to show the different directories your podcast is available on.  The button takes this information from the Directory Links in your account so if you haven't filled these out, only the RSS Feed link will appear. 

What can I customise?

This button is pretty customisable. You can choose between a light and dark theme for the button itself, different text colours, and even which directories appear in your button!
Note: You can only select 5 directories to display, so choose wisely!

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