To get your podcast in places like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and way more, head over to the Share & Publish section of your account.

Note: You must have at least 1 episode or a Trailer uploaded already.

Here you have 2 different options to choose from. Click the button that matches how you want to proceed with Submitting your podcast.

Distribute My Podcast!

If you select this option, it will send a request to our Submissions team and we'll get started on getting your podcast out there and you'll get an email to confirm this. 

Once we've sent all requests out, you'll get another email letting you know and your orange status message will change. 

Once a directory approves your podcast, the icon for that directory will be coloured in. As soon as all of the directories are coloured in, you'll receive an email confirming everything is finished and with a list of links to your podcast! You can also click on the coloured in icons to go to your podcast on that platform.

Status Messages:

  • Submissions Pending: Your request has been sent to our team.
  • We're working on it!: Our team are busy submitting your podcast everywhere!
  • Verifying your listings: Our team are waiting for verification from the directories.
  • You're listed everywhere: It's all done! You can click on any icon to go to your podcast!
  • There's a problem: Somethings gone wrong! Check the reason for rejection in the box and then try again once this is fixed.

I'd prefer to manage this myself

Want to do your own Submissions? No problem! Once you click this button, you'll see the Directory Link boxes. 

Use our help guides to go through submitting your podcast to these different directories, and then once you have a link to your podcast in these directories, paste the links into the right boxes here.

If you change your mind and would like us to submit to these directories for you instead, just click the One Click Distribution at the top!

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