This feature is available on the following plans:

  • Pro

  • Business

Need to add pre-roll or post-roll adverts to your podcast?

Setting Up the Messaging

  • Head to Settings, then the new Advertising option on the left.

  • To apply your new Pre-Roll or Post-Roll message, click Browse to open your file finder and find the MP3
    Note: The Max File Size for Pre and Post-Roll messaging is 10MB

  • Then click the orange Upload button next to whichever one you've started and it will upload.

Applying the Pre & Post Roll Messaging

  • Upload your episode as normal and fill in Title, Description, etc.

  • As you scroll down, make sure the slider for Pre/Post-roll is turned on (Orange) and this will automatically apply your messaging you set up to this episode!

If you need to apply your Pre/Post Roll to any existing episodes, click the 3 dots next to the episode, then Edit. You'll now find the toggle to turn it on in there!

Note: Applying Pre and/or Post Roll to an episode is a "hard edit". This means you cannot remove the messaging once it's applied to an episode.

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