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How Do I Get Age and Gender Statistics
How Do I Get Age and Gender Statistics

How to find age and gender statistics for your podcast.

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Why Can't Provide Age/Gender Stats

Other places can provide age and gender data because users have to log into an account to be able to play your podcast. This account has that information attached to it so they can give you that information.

Listeners don't have to log in to an account to access your podcast on your page, so we have no data to pull from there. Also, most directories keep age and gender data on their platform and do not allow hosts readable access. 

So Where Can I Get This Information?

You can still get access to these statistics though! If your podcast is available on Spotify and you have access to the account it's sat in, you can access these statistics there. There are a few other platforms like this that allow you access to these statistics via you logging into that platform. 

Note: If you need help claiming your podcast on Spotify, please let us know and we'll be happy to help with that.

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