Creating a trailer is a good way to draw attention to your upcoming podcast and to give you something to share around while you're still sorting out the full episodes! Also, a lot of directories won't let you submit your RSS Feed until you have at least one audio file in your feed. So it's a good way to get ahead!

Here are 5 Handy Hints for creating your own Podcast Trailer:

  1. Write detailed notes, NOT a script. People tend to sound a bit robotic when they're reading. Stick to detailed notes instead.
  2. Try not to write too much! Keep it at around 30-40 seconds if you can.
  3. Don't give away EVERYTHING! Why would they listen if they already know everything that's coming?
  4. If you have them, add in clips of your podcast too. Give them a flavour of what to expect!
  5. Mention 1 place where your potential listeners can find you. We recommend your podcast website, but if this isn't ready yet, then maybe your Twitter or Facebook page?

If you have any questions or need any more advice, let us know!

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